Material Safety Data Sheets

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Create Finish Aerosol 55 VOC.pdf

Curl It Cream.pdf

Dry Shampoo.pdf

Flex Light Hold Finishing Spray.pdf

Hydrating Conditioner.pdf

Hydrating Shampoo.pdf

Hydro Moisture Masque.pdf

Luma Oil.pdf

Moisturizing Conditioner.pdf

Moisturizing Shampoo.pdf

Nourshing Moisture Masque.pdf

Play Paste.pdf

Probiotic Conditioner.pdf

Probiotic Protein Treatment.pdf

Probiotic Shampoo.pdf

Quench Leave In Conditioner.pdf

Sculpting Gel.pdf

Smooth Plus Shine.pdf

Texturizing Beach Spray.pdf

Thermal Setting Mist.pdf

Thickening Conditioner.pdf

Thickening Shampoo.pdf

Volumizing Conditioner.pdf

Volumizing Foam.pdf

Volumizing Shampoo.pdf

Whipped Wax.pdf

Workable Finishing Mist.pdf