Material Safety Data Sheets

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Iso Maintainer Straightening System Neutralizer.pdf

Iso Maintainer Straightening System Softener.pdf

ISO Option 1 2 3 Perm Pre Wrap.pdf

ISO Option 1 Perm.pdf

Iso Option 2 Perms.pdf

ISO Option EXO Perm Neutralizer.pdf

ISO Option EXO Perm Thermalizer.pdf

ISO Option EXO Perm Waving Lotion.pdf

Quantum Alkaline Perm for Normal and Tinted Hair.pdf

Quantum Clarifying Shampoo.pdf

Quantum Daily Cleansing Shampoo.pdf

Quantum Extra Body Acid Perm.pdf

Quantum Extra Body.pdf

Quantum Firm Options Perm.pdf

Quantum Moisturizing Conditioner.pdf

Quantum Moisturizing Shampoo.pdf

Quantum Ultra Firm Exothermic Perm Neutralizer.pdf

Quantum Ultra Firm Exothermic Perm Thermolizer.pdf

Quantum Ultra Firm Exothermic Perm Waving Lotion.pdf

Quatum Classic Body.pdf

Texture EFX Color Treated Leave In Fortifying Splash.pdf

Texture EFX Color Treated Neutralizer.pdf

Texture EFX Color Treated Waving Lotion Thio Free.pdf