Material Safety Data Sheets

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Algae Clay Facial Masque.pdf

B5 Face and Body Moisture Mist.pdf

Blonde Wellness Conditioner.pdf

Blonde Wellness Shampoo.pdf

Blondes Weekly Brightener.pdf

Color Correction.pdf

Color Disruptor.pdf

Color Prepare.pdf

Color Wellness Conditioner.pdf

Color Wellness Shampoo.pdf


Crystal Gel Professional Normalizer.pdf

Dandruff Eczema Scalp Massage.pdf

DDL Direct Dye Lifter.pdf

De Ox.pdf

Exfoliant Facial Scrub.pdf


Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer.pdf

Illumin8 Shine Conditioner.pdf

Ink Well Gel and Crystals.pdf

Leave-In Mist Conditioner.pdf

Matcha Masque.pdf

Original C Serum.pdf

Perfection Creme Normal.pdf

Perm Partner.pdf

Power Protein Builder.pdf

Purifi Facial Cleanser.pdf

Rehabilit8 Protein Conditioner.pdf

Rehydr8 Moisture Conditioner.pdf

Relaxer Straightener Pre Post Treatment.pdf

Replenish Hair Masque.pdf

Scalp Wellness Sulfate Free Conditoner.pdf

Scalp Wellness Sulfate Free Shampoo.pdf

Swimmers Action Conditioner.pdf

Swimmers Action Shampoo.pdf

Swimmers After Swim Solution.pdf

Transparent-C Facial Masque.pdf

Ultra Body Lotion.pdf

Un Do Goo Shampoo.pdf


Volumizing Thick-In.pdf

Weaves & Extensions Treatment.pdf

Well Water Action Conditioner.pdf

Well Water Action Shampoo.pdf

Zinc C Serum.pdf