Material Safety Data Sheets

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Calming Creme.pdf

Citrus Body Lotion.pdf

Citrus Body Wash.pdf

Creme Pomade.pdf

Curvy Creme.pdf

Daily Conditioner.pdf

Daily Shampoo.pdf

Deep Conditioner.pdf

Dry Shampoo.pdf

Essentials Conditioner and Body Butter.pdf

Essentials Shampoo and Body Wash.pdf

Essentials Styling Cream and Body Lotion.pdf

Extra Firm Hold Hairspray.pdf

Fiber Putty.pdf

Finishing Hairspray.pdf

Firm Hold Gel.pdf

Firm Hold Hairspray.pdf

Forming Paste.pdf

Fortifying Repairative Tonic.pdf

Leave In Conditioner.pdf

Lip Balm.pdf

Mango Body Lotion.pdf

Mango Body Wash.pdf

Max Vol Solution.pdf

Moisturizing Shampoo.pdf

Moisturizing Treatment.pdf

Molding Creme.pdf

Nourishing Conditioner.pdf

Nourishing Oil Treatment.pdf

Nourishing Shampoo.pdf

Smoothing Creme.pdf

Texture and Finishing Spray.pdf

Vanilla Body Lotion.pdf

Vanilla Body Wash.pdf

Violet Conditioner.pdf

Violet Shampoo.pdf

Volumizing Foam.pdf